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Silente*, debuting the world's first smart chair

Turn on the silence.

NTT Sonority
Product Design
Industrial Product Design & Engineering
UX and Service Design
7 months


Nowadays, many of us are working between our homes and offices. While one virtual meeting follows the next, we use our headsets most of our workday. With this innovation design project, we sought to create a new physical design product that would allow anyone to work remotely or simply zone out and relax without disturbing those around us or putting a toll on one's ears due to long-term headphone usage. 

Green Silente chair at the office with laptop on desk and library in the background


In designing this innovative design product, we didn't run for a quick one-shot solution. Instead, we wanted to lay the basis for a family of design products capable of evolving, all characterized by the same human centered technology but with specific features that differ from one another. For Silente*, we integrated the sound management system into the headrest, which can be attached to other products in the future. 

Silente chair sketch by hand
Close up of green Silente chair


As a result, we created Silente*, Tangity’s first physical design product, made of high-quality materials in every detail. A chair that, thanks to its soft and sinuous yet distinct shapes, envelops those seated in a bubble of high-performance sound. Featuring a minimal and clean style to easily adapt to its environment, be it your home or the office, Silente boasts high-end and human centered technology that you can feel but cannot see. 

“We owe the success of the latest addition to our product portfolio largely to the synergetic cooperation and integration throughout the entire design and development process.”
— Marco Fossati, Design Director, NTT DATA
Green Silente chair in the office with a laptop on the table in the foreground and a tree and big windows in the background