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End to end mobility made easy, anywhere

dōcō, creating the first mobility as a service marketplace. One App, all your trips.

Business Model Innovation
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Product Design
Digital Product Engineering
Real-time Marketing Activation
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UX and Service Design
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36 months


We partnered with Renfe to create a new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) value proposition, designed to meet society's increasing demand for sustainable transportation. A crucial objective was to establish Renfe as a player that leads innovation in this evolving highly competitive market.  

In a fragmented and complex sector as mobility, our challenge was to reshape the future of the market and provide travelers with an appealing, seamless multimodal travel experience. This involved integrating various transportation services into a unified mobility platform.

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Our methodological approach is focused on establishing a multidisciplinary and specialized team where brand, experience and technology work together to ensure the platform's business goals are met.
Following a user-centered design methodology, we initiated the process by a comprehensively understanding the mobility needs of users, aiming to design a universal solution for all travelers regardless of location or mode. Additionally, we conducted market sizing and benchmarking, analyzing both established and emerging players in the mobility market.  
Through a process of co-creation and design, we formulated the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) value proposition and a new business model. This was validated through a robust business case, followed by the creation of brand identity and communication strategies. Subsequently, we defined the tech and data ecosystem and implemented the digital product.  
Further, we analyzed, set up, and operated the MarTech platform for marketing communication impacts, collaborating with various platform partners. During the activation phase, we meticulously defined all aspects of digital marketing and audience activation, implementing a Full Funnel strategy.
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An end-to-end digital product approach, merged with a human-centric design methodology, helped us understand that the solution needed to be universal, catering to diverse users with various transportation habits and demands.  

This digital product was designed to learn from trends, real-time feedback, and data, with the objective of launching continuous releases and staying updated to new market requirements. The building of the new brand, dōcō, helped Renfe reach new audiences and required a carefully planned awareness marketing activation plan

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The dōcō app allows users to plan, book, and purchase their trip, combining trains, taxis, motorcycles, and other mobility services on a single platform and ticket.  

dōcō is not just technology; it's a solution designed to adapt to diverse lifestyles, enabling users to personalize their trip experience, including aspects like price, duration, and sustainability.  

Our Design & Tech capabilities have made front-end implementations and integration with mobility operators' backend possible. We also manage the alliances with mobility players, marketing activation strategy, and digital marketing operations.



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