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Tangity and Acea win Compasso d'Oro award

Sustainable water management system design for a more eco-friendly future.


Compasso d'oro awards lying flat on table

We are proud to announce that, in collaboration with NTT DATA Italia and ACEA, we have been recognized for our innovative design of the ACEA Waidy water management system. This project has earned the prestigious Compasso d'Oro award in the Services category, presented by the Association for Industrial Design (ADI).

Data-Driven innovation for water efficiency

The award-winning ACEA Waidy platform is central to Acea's strategy for enhancing water supply efficiency and sustainability. By providing real-time data and predictive analytics, this system helps reduce water leakage by up to 35% and decreases failures by 25%.

Agile development for continuous improvement

Developed using an Agile methodology, the Waidy system continuously evolves based on user feedback, ensuring a user-centric and adaptable solution.

Key features:

  • Integration of diverse data sources: Consolidates information from multiple origins to provide comprehensive insights.

  • Machine learning for strategic planning: Utilizes advanced algorithms to optimize water management strategies.

  • Advanced hydraulic modeling: Offers predictive insights to anticipate and address potential issues.

This recognition highlights the system's innovative design and its significant impact on reducing water waste and promoting sustainability. The ACEA Waidy system exemplifies the power of collaboration in addressing critical environmental challenges.

Winning the Compasso d'Oro award is a testament to our dedication to developing sustainable solutions that positively impact our environment. Being one of the most respected awards in the world, it underscores the importance of design in creating effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Learn more about the ACEA Waidy water management system and our award-winning partnership at the link below.

Outdoor stage and audience at the award ceremony
Acea WAIDY team in front of photo wall
Roberto Roggero, Head of Tangity Italy in front of photo wall
Acea WAIDY team on stage